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Richard Gordon

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About Richard

My Career to Date

Prior to joining Gibson Sheat in mid-2016, I worked for five and a half years at Wellington Rugby and the Hurricanes in a variety of positions, which has provided me with a good base of practical knowledge.

My Recent Work

Recently I have been helping a number of sporting organisations with their legal issues, it’s fascinating to see how different the issues are.

My approach to working with my clients

I like to work collaboratively with our clients to find the best possible solutions. Because of my background in sports, it’s easier to develop a good understanding and working relationship with the client.

Most rewarding experience I've had at work

Recently I’ve helped to establish a trust for an organization that has been set up to look after rugby players suffering hardship. Playing a small part in something that will make a real difference has been very rewarding.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given

“Plan for the worst, expect the best.”

I like to be well prepared for anything I am doing in life, be it professionally or personally. This way I am ready for anything that comes up, and my preparation usually results in getting the best outcome. 

What stimulates me

The opportunity to work in an area that I have great passion for is something that gets me up in the morning. I enjoy finding the best possible solution for problems, and fostering great relationships along the way. 

What I enjoy outside of work

Outside of work, I love anything outdoors or sports-related. I referee rugby at the Premier level in Wellington, and at the Heartland level for New Zealand. As a result, I am lucky enough to travel to some fascinating places throughout the country that I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to go to, such as Ruatoria and Westport.

Outside of sport, I quite enjoy getting lost in a good book and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

If I wasn’t a lawyer I’d be

Working in the sports industry somewhere!