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Annika Green is a Solicitor based in Wellington

Specialising in ACC disputes and medico-legal advocacy, Annika’s legal career took off with a significant achievement: successfully appealing an ACC decision related to mental health in the District Court. This early success highlights Annika's passion for medico-law, litigation, and her dedication to advocating for clients facing complex legal challenges.

Annika's academic journey includes being awarded a Victoria Excellence Scholarship to attend Victoria University of Wellington, where she earned a Conjoint Degree in Law, Sociology, Social Policy, and Gender and Sexuality Studies .

Before her current role, Annika gained valuable experience in various legal support capacities, encompassing office administration, legal research, and client correspondence. Those roles have afforded her some valuable insight in Employment Law, Intellectual Property, and ACC. Working under a leading Wellington-based medico-legal barrister, Annika played a pivotal role in representing clients in ACC review hearings, the District Court, and engaging in alternative dispute resolution.

Annika can help with:

  • ACC disputes
  • Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution

Outside of her legal career, Annika has been involved in running events, such as managing the Wellington Dragon Boat Festival, showcasing her leadership and organisational skills. She enjoys spending quality time with whānau and friends, attending events, and honing her skills as a home barista.

With her dedication to client advocacy and a proven track record in medico-legal litigation, Annika Green brings a dynamic approach to her legal practice, committed to delivering exceptional service and achieving positive outcomes for her clients