Diversity, Wellbeing & Inclusion

At Gibson Sheat we've many programmes in place which support, recognise and celebrate achievements whilst promoting a healthy and happy work life balance. After all, our people are our most valued and best assets.


Our Values

In March 2021, we embarked on our journey to uncover our values. We held an introductory values presentation in April and then a values workshop in May, which was highly attended by all employees.

During the workshops, employees answered a range of questions to help us uncover our values. These questions included,
  • What are the characteristics of a GS person?
  • What does a great day at the office look like?
  • What are the best things about working here?

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Once we had this raw information from the workshops, the next step was for the Kaitiaki values team (9 staff and 1 partner) to make sense of it all. After a full workshop which included a lot of discussion, laughter, debate, wordsmithing, and brain-ache - we agreed on four values.

Agreeing on four words/phrases to describe who we are and what we want to be, or to do more of, is not as easy as it sounds! The Kaitiaki team also came up with three key descriptors for each value.


We are our true selves, practical and genuine.

values real

We are whānau, caring and helpful.

values connected

We are inventive, agile and curious.

values brave
Make their day.

We make their day.

values maketheirday
Programmes Celebrating Inclusion & Diversity
Ka Pai

The Kai Pai programme was introduced in response to feedback we received in our staff survey regarding increasing our levels of recognition within the firm. Ka Pai means well done/congratulations in te reo Māori. 

We want to thank, recognise, and celebrate our people when they do something particularly noteworthy, considerable, or really go the extra mile for our firm. Towards the end of each month, an email is sent firm wide asking for Ka Pai nominations for that month.

Recipients of the award are announced by the CEO, each quarter in our company update kōrero.

ka pai

Health & Wellbeing 
Move It

Separate from the Gibson Sheat Social Committee is another committee focusing on sourcing and delivering a fantastic array of physical activities (hence the name - MOVE IT) on a fortnightly basis. These activities are offered for free to all employees! Our wonderful Move It committee have in the past organised events such as:

  • Ice skating
  • Space yoga
  • Pilates & Barre class 
  • Paddle boarding 
  • Tai Chi
  • Badminton
  •  Rock climbing
  • TRX or circuit training
  • Cricket 
  • Boxing
Flexible Working Policy 

Gibson Sheat is committed to the well-being of its people, and understands that during your career, there may be times when outside-of-work interests and commitments won't always fit within your standard working arrangement. Gibson Sheat welcomes flexible working requests at any time of your career, be that before you start working at the firm, or at any time during your career with us.

Anti Bullying and Harassment 

Gibson Sheat is committed to fostering and providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for everyone. This Policy sets out what to do if you are faced with behaviours that adversely interfere with your safety and/or your ability to enjoy your work environment.

The diagram below summarises the steps available when addressing such behaviours:

anti bullying

Your safety is important to Gibson Sheat and we are here to support you.

Other Voluntary or Pro Bono Activities
Good Bitches Baking

Gibson Sheat partners and staff freely provide their time and support pro bono to selected organisations in the community, including but not limited to:

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