We produce client newsletters on a periodic basis containing articles on topical issues or legislative changes. 


Information and articles that are mainly of interest to our personal/life clients.


A quarterly newsletter by Lawlink. It contains topical information and advice affecting both businesses and individuals.

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Gibson Sheat and Lawlink produce booklets containing information on various subjects. The information contained in these booklets is of a general nature and should be used as a guide only. If you need further advice after reading any of these booklets, please contact us.

For a PDF version of the booklet, please click on the cover picture below:

Corp-goverance cover-280
Corporate Governance
This booklet outlines the main functions and responsibilities of company directors
Estate Administration
This booklet outlines the steps involved in administrating a deceased estate.
Family Trusts cover
Family Trusts
This booklet provides a guide to what is involved in setting up and administrating a Family Trust.
  Trust Act 2019 booklet cover page
Trust Act 2019
This booklet contains information for trustees in relation to the Trusts Act 2019.