Your brand is who you are and your intellectual property is your good ideas. You need experts on your side who understand the legality and the humanity of your challenges. Our intellectual property team members have broad commercial experience - we know which questions to ask and understand how intellectual property can and should fit within your business.

Intellectual property is a complex area of law. We can advise you on intellectual property issues in the context of a specific deal as well as part of your wider business objectives. We take a holistic approach and consider intellectual property in the context of the bigger picture of your business. This means you can be confident that issues won't fall through the cracks.

We advise small-medium enterprises, individuals, corporates and government departments across the full range of intellectual property issues. Our advice often includes trade marks, branding, copyright, confidential information, know-how and trade secrets, commercialising intellectual property including licensing and franchising, ownership and disputes over intellectual property.

If you have an intellectual property issue you would like to talk to us about, or want to know how intellectual property fits within your business, please contact Nigel Stirling or Kate Duckworth.

Competition, Regulatory & Compliance

Do you know your consumer law obligations or what your position in the market is? Whether it's the Fair Trading Act, the Consumer Guarantees Act or the Commerce Act, we can provide you with clear, pragmatic advice on compliance, dealing consumer complaints and competition laws. By getting this information and background up front, we can help you to avoid issues in the first place.

If you want a great outcome on commercial issues, it's important that your lawyers not only have the relevant legal knowledge, that they understand your industry. That's because all advice needs to be considered in the wider context. We help our clients in the building, transport, sporting, not-for-profit, IT, media, and other sectors to get the results they're looking for and feel confident that they are complying with consumer laws in their day-to-day activities.

With strong working relationships with some of New Zealand's leading competition law barristers, if needed, we can refer you to the people best placed to help you.

For advice on competition, regulatory, and compliance contact Nigel Stirling or Edward Cox.