Disputes arise for a number of reasons, whether in business, property, family, or personal circumstances.

Whether you're a large multinational, a private company or an individual, you need pragmatic and cost-effective dispute resolution advice.

Tell us what's important to you and that's where we'll start. We'll listen to you, lay out your options to get your desired outcome, and recommend the most appropriate course of action for you. We'll give you choices based on the outcome you're looking for and the approach you want to take to get that result.

Often there are alternative ways to resolve disputes that will save you time and money. We'll let you know what they are. But if you want to go in hard to make a point, then we'll fight for you the whole way.

Our specialist areas:

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Are you a Tradie looking to recover debt?

Construction debts between $1,000 and $50,000 are now economic to pursue.

RECOVERIT is a cost-effective method to recover your debts using tools available under the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Our team of specialist debt recovery lawyers, led by Finn Collins, has created the RECOVERIT process specifically for tradies to make it easy and cost-effective for you to recover outstanding debts.

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Mediation for Dispute Resolution


Going to court isn't always in your best interests. As well as the time and cost involved, there's the emotional toll and the uncertainty of outcome.

Our team can help you to understand the options that you have to resolve your disputes through alternative means including mediation, arbitration, and tribunal.

Mediation vs. Arbitration: What's the Difference?

The main difference between mediation and arbitration is the process used to solve your conflict. Both options will help you solve a legal issue outside of the traditional court process, but they use two different methods to get you from A to Z.

Mediation: a non-binding process generally conducted with a single mediator who does not judge the case but facilitates discussion and eventual resolution of the dispute. Importantly, the mediator does not impose a decision on the parties.
Arbitration: typically a binding process that replaces the full trial process with multiple chosen people to serve as judges in your case.

Generally speaking, mediation is a quicker, more flexible, and cheaper process than arbitration, and you can retain control over the outcome.

Using the courts to get a resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

When contemplating litigation, it is important you understand your options based on the outcome you're looking for and the approach you want to take to get that result.

Our team regularly appears in Courts throughout New Zealand including the Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court, specialised tribunals and coroner's inquiries. We have a great track record helping corporates, government departments, national trade organisations, banks, accounting firms, receivers, liquidators and individuals to resolve their disputes in the most appropriate way for them.


If you want rapid advice and assistance when conducting all stages of legal proceedings, give us a call. We maintain close links with top barristers, ensuring that you get the legal representation you need, when you need it.

We undertake prosecution work for a number of professional associations and bodies as well as Government agencies. A number of our lawyers have criminal law experience and they apply this in the civil jurisdiction.

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