If you own a unit in a building or complex where there are multiple owners, you are most likely part of a Body Corporate.

Owning a unit title means that there are different obligations to your standard house and land ownership, which are governed by the Unit Titles Act 2010.

A Body Corporate is a legal entity that is made up of all of the unit owners within a unit titled property. If your complex has a body corporate, simply by becoming a unit title holder means you automatically become a member of the body corporate.

As a unit title owner, you will usually own

  • your apartment or unit and any accessory units, like garages, car parks, private courtyards and storage areas contained in the record of title, and
  • an undivided share of the ownership of the common property (eg lifts, laundries, lobby areas, driveways and gardens).

Body corporates handle the management and maintenance of the building and property. Most decisions of the body corporate can be made by a committee or with the agreement of 50% of more of the unit owners. Some decisions may require the agreement of 75% or more of the unit owners. The body corporate must hold an AGM (annual general meeting) at least once a year to discuss issues and vote on them.

There are some complexities around unit titles, body corporates and how these are managed. From time-to-time disputes can arise. While it's always best to try to talk to the people involved at first, if you need options, we can assist with dispute resolution services or litigation.

Whether you're not sure about something to do with unit titles or body corporates, or you're not agreeing with how yours is run, we can help with practical advice and options.