Forestry is different than any other industry, so it's important to have advisors who know what they're talking about. Your forestry business deserves advice from someone who understands the challenges you face and has experience with the intricacies of your world.

You'll receive a practical and thorough approach to your business requirements, with your legal team asking the rights questions to make sure all of your bases are covered.

If you need Overseas Investment Office consent, we can provide expertise to assist you with your application.

To ensure that you get a holistic approach to your forestry business, we can cover the full scope of your current business and maybe even offer some new ideas! Our experts can help you in:


  • Sales and purchase
  • Due diligence and risk identification
  • Resource Management and regulatory compliance
  • Management, supply, and leasing contracts
  • ETS/carbon units advice
  • Financing
  • Employment and independent contractor matters
  • Advice for working with Maori or international interests
  • Overseas Investment Office consents.

To make sure you've got the best legal advice on your team, talk to our specialists about your forestry requirements.