Are you looking for expert advice on how to invest in New Zealand or considering growing your investment portfolio? Whether your business interests are in property, agri-business, forestry or otherwise, having the right advice is crucial to getting the job done right. Talk to us about what you may need for Overseas Investment Office (OIO) consent.

As you're likely aware - it doesn't start and end with the investment decision. A fully integrated approach to your business means using our experts and contacts for consideration with associated elements: investment structures, financing, Treaty of Waitangi, tax, immigration, and employment.

New Zealand has overseas investment controls that require overseas persons and entities to obtain approval before they can invest in certain types of assets in New Zealand. The main controls on overseas investment are governed by the Overseas Investment Act 2021. View the New Zealand Government information of Overseas Investment here.

You may need to apply to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) for consent if you are an overseas person, or an associate of an overseas person, wishing to invest in:

  • sensitive land or an interest in sensitive land (e.g. by buying shares in a company that owns sensitive land), or
  • business assets worth more than $100 million (higher for non-government Australian investors), or
  • fishing quota or an interest in fishing quota.

If a transaction requires OIO consent, investors must submit an application to the OIO. There are many criteria and requirements for applying to the OIO. Quality legal advice from an experienced specialist is crucial to ensure an application is processed in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our specialists can provide strategic and practical advice about the OIO process and prepare a high-quality application to ensure a smooth process. Contact us as early as possible for advice on controls regulating your proposed area of investment.

For Overseas Investment Office (OIO) applications and enquiries contact: