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A new Active Investor Plus visa category comes in to force on 19 September 2022 replacing the Investor 1 and 2 visa categories.

Set out below is a snapshot of the proposed new category designed in the Governments view to bring growth opportunities to New Zealand businesses.

A further update with more specific information will be posted once the eligibility criteria is confirmed, the key points that have been released thus far, are: 


  • Incentivising direct investment in New Zealand firms through a weighting system.

  • A minimum investment threshold of $15 million NZ or weighted equivalent*

  • A minimum stay of 117 days in New Zealand over a four -year investment period

  • An English language requirement of an IELTS score of at least 5.0.

  • * A direct investment will receive a 3x weighting per dollar invested. This means that an
    applicant who wants to make an acceptable direct investment will be eligible with $5 million NZD.




Investment period - NZD$15 million investment over four years.


Minimum of 117 days to be spent in New Zealand over the four-year investment period.