Many of us take driving for granted - but what do you do if something happens and your licence is at risk?

Have you been charged with a driving offence and need help in court?

Have you lost your licence due to traffic infringements or demerit points?

Limited (or work / special) Licence

If you have been disqualified from driving because of a traffic conviction or excess demerit points, you may be eligible to apply for a special licence or work licence, otherwise known as a limited licence.

Am I eligible?

A limited licence allows you to drive for a particular purpose, such as your employment or supporting your family. You will need to show that the licence disqualification has caused or will cause: a. extreme hardship to you (eg loss of employment, extreme financial hardship, etc.); or b. undue hardship to others (eg financial hardship for family, hardship to employer, etc.).

There are certain factors, such as a previous disqualification within the past five years, that make someone ineligible for a limited licence. We can give you an initial indication as to whether you would be eligible over the phone.

What do I need?

It can be a daunting process applying for a limited licence as there is a lot on the line. We can assist you with that process and increase your chances of obtaining a limited licence.

The application for a limited licence needs to be supported by evidence of hardship (in the form of affidavits). These affidavits may be from you personally, your employer, your significant other, and anyone else who might suffer hardship as a result of your disqualification.

For all of your driving and licence issues, if you think you might be eligible for a limited licence, or you want more information on how the application process works, reach out to Craig Tatley for advice.