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Active Investor Plus Visa – Now Available

Are you seeking a pathway to becoming a New Zealand permanent resident?

Up until recently applicants seeking permanent residency could apply under the Investor 1 and 2 category resident visas. That pathway has now closed and replaced with the Active Investor Plus Visa.

John Steel, a partner at Gibson Sheat, is well placed to assist you in this space having helped several applicants under the old regime obtain permanent New Zealand residency.

The new regime looks a little more complex, has a few more investment options, a slightly longer investment period and time required in New Zealand, plus an English language requirement.
Do you want to know more?

Let’s look at some of the key features.

What is its objective?
To attract skilled and experienced active investors to help build globally successful New Zealand businesses.

How much do I need to invest?
An investment of at least NZ$15 million in acceptable investments, or its weighted equivalent. Different weightings apply to different categories of investment, so that the NZ$15 million calculation may be achieved with a minimum investment of no more than NZ$5 million.

How does the Weighting Work?
The weightings are listed equities and philanthropy: no additional weighting (x1); managed funds: x2, and direct investment: x3.

For example, a typical investment might look like this:
  • $5M in listed equities (x1) $5.0M
  • $1M in direct investments (x3) $3.0M
  • $3.5M in managed funds (x2) $7.0M

What are Acceptable Investments?
Acceptable Investments are made up of listed equities, philanthropy, managed funds and direct investments. Note investments in bonds and property are no longer acceptable.

What are Direct Investments?
Direct Investments can be either an investment in an acceptable investment provided the principal applicant is a wholesale investor; or shares in a non- listed New Zealand company; or a convertible note that will be converted, or is or may become convertible, into shares in a New Zealand Company.

How long is the Investment Period?
The investment period is four (4) years from the date the first acceptable investment is completed. Note there are specific processes and time frames for transfer of funds to New Zealand and placement of funds in acceptable investments.

How many days do I have to stay in New Zealand?
You will need to stay a minimum of 117 days over the four (4) year investment period. Family members may be included in the application.

Other Requirements?
There is an English language capability requirement of IELTS 5 or equivalent, but this applies only to the principal applicant.

This is an exciting new opportunity to become an active investor in New Zealand. For advice and assistance about the specific eligibility criteria and application process, please contact John Steel.