Ending a relationship through separation or divorce is hard. We understand that. Identifying and splitting assets after separation can be difficult, but we can act as a sounding board and provide a sympathetic ear during this difficult process.

We don't make false promises - we'll tell it like it is. If a couple can't agree on how to divide their relationship property, then they can apply to the Family Court for the property to be divided. This will be done under the rules of the Property (Relationships) Act. If the relationship has lasted at least three years, the general rule for splitting assets states that the property must be divided equally between the couple.


Get a fair settlement when splitting assets

Our focus is on helping you to get a fair settlement so that you can get the closure you need to move on. We have good relationships with other lawyers who trust us, which can help make the process of property division after divorce or separation a little easier for both parties.

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