Gibson Sheat
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Land covenants are standard in residential developments. They are essentially the rules that the owners and occupiers of land within the subdivision/development must abide by and they keep the area and properties within that residential area up to the standard hoped for by the developer and the buyers of properties in that area.

Covenants are relatively harmless and usually confirm the ordinary good neighbour rules that we all try and live by.  However, strange and wonderful rules are adopted from time to time. Here are some of examples:

  • Rules about permitted breeds of dogs and cats and a cap on the number of dogs and cats

  • Other general animal restrictions (e.g. no roosters and no more than two chickens)

  • Rules about where to place trampolines and other children’s toys (e.g. less than 4 metres from a roof)

  • Rules to stop certain washing lines and sheds being used including restricting the colour and type

  • Rules that stop residents hanging their washing within sight of the road

  • Restrictions as to the planting of certain trees or hedges

  • Imposition to maintain gardens and use certain contractors for servicing maintenance of gardens with neighbours/development

  • Restrictions on parking including the number of vehicles, placement and colour / type of vehicle

  • Rules about where to park boats and caravans (and in some instances of a ban on parking these vehicles).