We'll ensure your trust is set up and run correctly so can withstand the scrutiny of the Court should it come to that

When you set up a trust you want the reassurance that your assets are protected should a creditor or a relationship breakdown, threaten your trust. We help business owners, executives and people who have relocated to New Zealand for work reasons, to establish and run robust trusts. 

If your trust is not established or operated correctly then there is a real risk that it won’t withstand any scrutiny it comes under and then your assets won’t be protected. We ensure that assets are recorded, decisions are reviewed and that all trustees are aware of their obligations.

Trusts Act 2019

The Trusts Act 2019 is the most significant change to Trust Law in over 60 years. To find out more about the Trusts Act 2019, or to discuss the implications of the Act on your trust, contact one of our trust specialists. 

A copy of our Trust Act 2019 information booklet is available.
Our trust specialists can help you to set up and run a robust trust: