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Edward Cox


About Edward Cox

Career to Date
"Since being admitted to the bar in 1994, I have had a particular interest in litigation, I love being in Court and the work that leads to that. It's a mind game with strategy and tactics but most importantly analysis of our case and the other side's. It is a cliché, but no two days are the same and the diverse range of clients I act for is refreshing.

I joined Gibson Sheat in May 1997 and became a partner in 2002."

Edward leads our Commercial Litigation team.  Edward specialises in Banking and Finance Recovery, Insolvency, Commercial Dispute Resolution and the Heavy Road Transport Industry and also has a wide commercial practice.
My approach to working with my clients
Some clients engage me in times of crisis. For others, especially corporate clients, involvement in litigation is more routine. But my approach to both groups is broadly the same. I gain an understanding of what the client wants from the situation they are in, be sensitive to the situation they face and finally, give frank advice that allows them to decide how to react.
The most rewarding experience I've had at work
It's the hard fought litigation that is played out through several stages based on a strategy developed at the start. Backing ourselves that the strategy is right and sticking with it through to the end, even when it is severely tested; that challenge is probably the most rewarding.
The best piece of advice I've ever been given
"Keep looking at the big picture."
What stimulates me
Happily my work is often topical and it's important to my clients. I especially enjoy the responsibility of being a professional clients look to for solutions.
What I enjoy outside of work
My family and then anything to do with the outdoors. At the moment my particular passion is sailing but my shed is full of well-used tramping, mountain biking, fly fishing and skiing gear.
If I wasn't a lawyer I'd be...
I'd skipper yacht cruises or be a professional tramping and fly-fishing guide.