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Char-Lien Lim - Senior Associate

About Char-Lien

Career to date

Char-Lien is a talented lawyer with a wealth of experience in commercial and property matters. She has been involved in a wide range of high-end complex matters including company mergers, acquisitions and disposals, a wide range of commercial contract work, securitisation of assets, prospectus share offerings, joint ventures and land development, to name a few. 

My approach to working with my clients

I practice law as a happy mix of common sense, good humour, attention to detail and practical solutions. What I enjoy most is building real relationships with clients. I believe this is amazingly important as it can really affect what kind of legal solution is going to suit the real life problem or opportunity.

Most rewarding experience I've had at work

The thing I love most about my profession is being able to genuinely help people. It is so rewarding being able to complete something that means a great deal to someone. It could be the competitive edge, it could be a nifty bit of advice or being caring and sorting out a complication when someone is going through a tough time. I feel so lucky to be able to do that and that is what I find constantly rewarding.

The best piece of advice I've ever been given

It was a senior practitioner in Court, it’s awful, I was so nervous that I still can’t remember who it was! “Don’t worry about those butterflies in your stomach, embrace it, it will help you do a better job, the day you stop feeling those butterflies is the day you should stop practising law.”

What stimulates me?

Saving your bacon or contemplating a sticky tricky question.

What I enjoy outside of work

Chuckling over a good book, laughing at a silly joke, tasting some of my own freshly baked treats, cooking a feast, throwing a party, crafting something fantastic like knitted fancy patterned multi coloured socks, hassling my not so baby brother, giggling at the antics of my super cute goddaughter and crazy awesome nephews and nieces….

If I wasn't a lawyer I'd be...

I’m not sure! I really enjoy being a lawyer so I can’t really think or something I’d rather be. I guess I might have given into family pressures and become a chartered accountant and taken over my father’s accountancy practice or given into my friends and wider family’s promptings and opened up my own chain of delicious specialist bakeries and catering feasts for all and sundry.