Gibson Sheat - the first law firm to achieve WriteMark quality standard

What is the WriteMark?

The WriteMark is a rigorous, international quality standard that checks how well documents work for the reader.  A WriteMark assessment looks at a document's structure, content, language, grammar, style, and presentation.

Why get WriteMark Certification?

Gibson Sheat is committed to clear, easy-to-understand writing, and getting rid of jargon.

Achieving the WriteMark on a legal document shows that it's of a high quality.  It also shows our commitment to helping our clients understand what they read.

We are the first law firm in New Zealand to achieve the WriteMark on a document.  We decided to first review our Terms of Engagement.  Now that this document has the Writemark we are reviewing our letter of engagement.  These two documents form the basis of our relationship with clients, and we believe it is important for our clients to understand them.