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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Claire Byrne as the firm’s new Chair, effective 21 September 2020.

Claire is enthusiastic about her new role and has expressed her intention to continue in the spirit promoted by outgoing Chair, Nigel Stirling.

We also take this opportunity to thank Nigel for his outstanding leadership over the past 8 years. He has made a significant contribution over that period, and has lead the firm through some challenging circumstances. His over-riding desire at all times, has been to ensure that all decisions were made in the best interests of the firm and its clients.

Claire will bring her many strengths, and a different way of thinking to the leadership of the firm. This will be especially important in the coming months and years of change in the environment around us. Claire is also the Chair of Lawlink and is accordingly no stranger to the role.

Find out more about Claire by reading her profile, it gives a good summary of the type of person that she is and what makes her tick.