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19 August 2021

He’s on the hunt for some stories and pictures of the golf courses on the West Coast of the South Island. There's a few golf courses that need a visit from a group of lads whose rivalry has spanned 23 years and nearly all of New Zealand’s golfing gems – except the West Coast.

It’s just one of the things on Brett Gould’s to-do list. With plans to retire later this year, life has thrown another twist at Brett, resulting in a decision to retire this month, sooner than he had hoped.

“I just want to smell the roses! I’m looking forward to being a volunteer driver for patients to get to hospital appointments and offering more to the Rural Support Trust and the Hospice Trust to help the people that I’m so passionate about. Plus enjoy more time with my wife Rose and overseas grandchildren, golf and cycling.”

Driven every day of his 41-year legal career to make a difference, Brett started his journey to becoming a lawyer at Auckland University because he liked “a bit of a debate”. After solid stints in New Plymouth and Queenstown, plus a bit of rugby with Taranaki, Brett settled in Masterton in 2008 and became a Partner at Gibson Sheat Lawyers in 2015 through the merger with Logan Gold Walsh.

“I have had the pleasure and privilege to have been involved in the lives of many people in my career as a Lawyer, and for this I am grateful.

“I will never underestimate the trust that people put in me with decisions that are life-changing for them. To those that I have worked with, thank you for trusting me to help you with some of the important decisions that you have made.”

“Undoubtedly the highlight of my career has been working with farming families. They’re rational, hard-working people who will tell you how it is. It’s here that I know my advice makes a difference, there is no going home at the end of the day for them, they live what you advise”.

Ironically, it’s the advice that he’s been trusted for that he is keen to improve now for himself.

“I’m a big believer that we need to keep learning. I’m now going to focus on learning a bit more about farming for my own place.”

His place, close to country and coast and with views over the Tararuas, is a “pretty nice place” to call home as the sun sets on his legal career and opens the possibilities for his next life stage – perhaps at last mastering that elusive “perfect swing”.

“Please go easy on Julie, Aimee, and the team. I know that I can depart Gibson Sheat and your most important of matters are in safe hands. I look forward to seeing you around town.”

Happy Retirement Brett! From the team at Gibson Sheat Lawyers.

All of Brett's work will be looked after by the team at Gibson Sheat Masterton. If you have any queries, please contact Julie Millar in the first instance at or 06 370 6480.