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McKenzie wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age and really enjoys her work. She began her career in private law firms gaining experience in a number of areas of law. Before joining Gibson Sheat, she was an in-house Commercial Solicitor for a government agency.

McKenzie likes getting to know her clients as she feels that it helps her to provide more meaningful advice. Working as in-house counsel gave McKenzie a valuable insight into the workings of organisations as they conduct business. As a result, she has developed a practical approach to engaging with clients and provides timely and accurate advice that takes into account each client's individual needs and circumstances.

For McKenzie, it's equally rewarding to help someone purchase their first home as it is to assist a corporate client through a large transaction. Her favourite part of being a lawyer is seeing her clients succeed in what they've set out to do, and knowing that she played a small part in that success.

'Be kind, work hard, stay humble' is a great piece of advice once given to McKenzie, which she finds valuable. Helping her clients to achieve their goals or reach a milestone while being intellectually challenged and tackling tricky legal issues in a creative way is what keeps McKenzie motivated.

McKenzie's hobbies and interests include playing tennis and watching most sports. She enjoys being outdoors when the Wellington weather permits, as well as dinner parties and wine tasting