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James brings a wealth of legal expertise to the litigation team at Gibson Sheat. Prior to his current position, while pursuing his LLB and LLM degrees over several years, James amassed a diverse range of experience in top and mid-tier law firms spanning across England, Australia, and New Zealand. His roles in these firms encompassed administrative and paralegal responsibilities, primarily in litigation and dispute resolution; however, he also delved into corporate and commercial, intellectual property, trademarks and technology, and family law. James possesses a versatile skill set and a broad legal background. His areas of expertise encompass construction, arbitration, international trade, public international law (WTO), judicial review, intellectual property, and general litigation. As a member of the Society of Construction Law, he remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of developments within his field.

Beyond his professional pursuits, James leads a fulfilling life. He finds joy in cooking, maintaining a fitness regimen at the gym, embarking on leisurely strolls with his partner, and engaging in strategic battles on the chessboard. Additionally, his keen interest in technology has led him on a journey to transform his home into a smart home. James’ dedication to both his legal career and personal interests makes him a well-rounded and valuable member of the Gibson Sheat team.