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Meet Danielle Allen-Sutton, an experienced legal pro who knows her way around property law. She's been on quite the journey.

Danielle spent two years as a Solicitor at Gillespie Young Watson, focusing on property, finance, and subdivisions. Before her legal career, she worked in real estate for over six years, gaining valuable industry insights. She also trained real estate professionals for more than five years.

When she's not working, Danielle enjoys exploring the scenic Hutt Valley with her husband, Josh and english bulldog, Piki. Danielle enjoys supporting the local community by regularly visiting the Upper Hutt Brewtown farmers market, where she embraces the flavours of our region and networks with local growers and producers on her Sunday mornings. Sundays are special to her – that's when she hosts family and friends for a good old roast dinner and game night.

With her extensive experience and friendly approach, Danielle is here to help you with your legal needs at Gibson Sheat.