Farm Succession

We believe that farm succession is a process more than an event. It needs to be undertaken with good judgment, practical advice, understanding of, and empathy with, all family members.

Farm succession can be a challenging journey. Often family members have different goals and expectations. A major challenge is managing the interests of family members and achieving fairness.
As specialists in farm succession, we work through a process with you to obtain the best outcome possible - for everyone.

We will:
  • meet with you and your family on your patch
  • establish your wishes, priorities and concerns
  • work with you to confirm your plan is appropriate
  • work alongside your other rural and professional
  • advise for the best outcome
  • charge a fair fee for the work undertaken
  • keep your family paramount

Because no two family situations are identical, we’ll work with you and your family to facilitate a focussed and constructive journey tailored to you.

It's best to start the discussion early

Raising the issue of farm succession can be tricky. As a result, often families don’t discuss succession until there is a trigger event. Generally this will already be a stressful time, and less than ideal for starting this type of discussion.
Starting the discussion before a trigger event is best. Family members will need time to think things through. A process that starts with listening to all family members’ perspectives is the most constructive.
Start your succession planning early and you’ll benefit from increased motivation and security, as everyone will know where they stand.

We'll help you achieve your goal

Your top priority is transferring an economically viable farming business to the next generation without jeopardising your intended lifestyle. Our specialists can help you achieve this.
We’re familiar with:

  • The issues that can and do arise
  • Dealing with them
  • Keeping matters as simple as possible
  • Ensuring expectations are realistic and finances are realistic
  • The structures that are available to use and the supporting documentation required for them

Direction is more important than speed.

For more information, or to discuss your farm succession, contact:

Brett Gould

DDI: +64 6 370 6475

Julie Millar 

DDI: +64 6 370 6478

Bruce Logan

DDI: +64 6 370 6474