Debt Recovery

Recover outstanding debts and security as quickly and painlessly as possible

Whether you're a company, a bank, or a finance company, our team is here to assist. We are able to cost-effectively handle large volumes of work without compromising quality or timeliness.

From drafting debtor letters to Court action, we will do whatever it takes to recover your debts.

Our services include:
Debt Recovery Litigation

Choices based on the result you’re looking for

We believe it’s important to give you choices based on the outcome you’re looking for and the approach you want to take to get that result. Often there are alternative ways to resolve disputes that will save you time and money. We’ll let you know what they are. But if you want to go in hard to make a point, then we will fight for you the whole way.

Our team regularly appears in Courts throughout New Zealand including the Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court, specialised tribunals and coroner’s inquiries. We have a great track record helping corporates, government departments, national trade organisations, banks, accounting firms, receivers, liquidators and individuals to resolve their disputes in the most appropriate way for them.
For advice on debt recovery litigation contact:
Mortgagee sales

Recover your loans fast - no matter where in the country

We help mortgagees such as finance companies and banks to recover their loans quickly – wherever in the country the property is located. We’ve built up a strong network of contacts around NZ from valuers through to real estate agents and this allows us to move faster than our competitors.

We can take some of the strain out of what is a stressful situation by calling on the right people and by predicting the issues likely to arise.
If you’re looking to recover your loans quickly and with the minimum of hassle, contact: 

Credit and security realisations

Maximise your chances of recovery

We help banks, finance companies, and businesses to legally enforce their security when things go wrong. We can help you resolve priority disputes and to maximise your chances of recovering your loan or asset.

Because the credit recovery team and the mortgage recovery team work together you only need to deal with one person in order to recover all your money.

To discuss how we can help you contact: