5 Dec 2017

Reforms in Trust Law - what it means for your trust

Family trusts are a practical structure for holdings assets, particularly in New Zealand where there are approximately 300,000 to 500,000 trust operating today.

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19 September 2017

The new Trusts Bill - clarifying trust law

Our current Trustee Act is over 60 years old. The new Trusts Bill aims to make trust law clearer for both trustees and beneficiaries
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11 Jul 2017

Beneficiaries' rights to information

For beneficiaries to be satisfied that trustees are complying with their duties, they first must be aware that they are beneficiaries of a trust. This means beneficiaries arguably have the right to some basic trust information. So, the primary beneficiaries have a right to know that they are beneficiaries of the Trust. But, beyond that there is less certainty..
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2 Jun 2017

Trusts - A Brief Summary

A trust is a legal arrangement where certain persons (called trustees) hold property for the benefit of others (called beneficiaries).
A trust is usually established by way of a trust deed...
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22 March 2017

Winding up a trust

What's involved in winding up a trust?
Can I chooose to wind up my trust earlier than the specified 80 years under NZ law? ... Read more

17 Jan 2017

Nupitial Settlements and Trusts

The definition of nuptial settlement is wide and is likely to include any transfers to family trusts made during the marriage or in contemplation of the marriage... Read more

3 Oct 2016

When is a Trust not a Trust?

More and more often trusts are coming under attack. The Supreme Court has recently clarified some aspects of the law around family trusts and relationship property claims to trust assets. Read more

20 Jul 2016

Family Trusts - advantages and disadvantages of having a trust

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding whether or not a trust is right for you... read more

30 Oct 2015

The rights of discretionary beneficiaries

  • Do you have to tell discretionary beneficiaries that they are beneficiaries of a family trust?  
  • Do you have to give beneficiaries a copy of the financial statements?
  • Can they demand money from the trustees?    Read more
8 Jun 2015
Taxation of Trusts
When income is received in a Trust, the Trustees can elect how it is allocated...   Read more
11 Mar 2015
Trustees Duties - are you at risk?
Trustees have strict duties to the beneficiaries of the Trust. Most duties are contained in the Trustee Act 1956. In certain situations trustees can be held personally accountable for their actions or for failing to act, so it is important trustees understand their rights and obligations.    Read more
13 Aug 2014
Gift duty was abolished - does that mean I don't need to gift anymore?
Although it is no longer a requirement for gifting documents to be filed with the Inland Revenue Department, it is still necessary to properly record and document any gifts that are made.     Read more
12 Jun 2014
How a Trustee's obligations to be 'diligent and prudent' may affect you

If you have agreed to act as a trustee, there are some very strict obligations that you have to comply with.  Read more

17 Feb 2014
What is a Trust?

In broad terms, a trust is an arrangement where the owner of property ("the settlor") transfers it to the ownership of another person ("the trustee"), on condition ...  Read more