Intellectual Property

7 Dec 2016

Intellectual Property Licensing

Securing protection for intellectual property, may provide for a competitive market place advantage, and facilitate an increase in profit margins and growth... Read more


7 Jul 2015

Eureka!  Now what?

New Zealanders are master inventors. What Kiwi inventors are not quite so good at is moving beyond the eureka moment and into the next stages of the innovation cycle.... Read more


7 Dec 2011

Counterfeit and illegal goods - new powers grated to the State

The Trade Marks Amendment Act 2011 and the Copyright Amendment Act 2011 give powers to Enforcement Officers, Customs, and Police to assist in cracking down on infringements.
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1 Sep 2011

Protecting your intellectual property from trading risks

The separation between ownership of intellectual property and the business risk of the operating company is one way to protect IP in the event of liquidation…
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