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Changes to the Food Act

By Gibson Sheat

Changes to the Food Act

The Food Act 2014 (the Act) has been amended recently.

The key change to the Act is the introduction of a scale assessing the level of food health and safety risk for each business dealing with food. This scale includes all food-related businesses, from multinational food processing companies to street-corner coffee carts.

All food businesses must adhere to different levels of control depending on their risk. The Ministry of Primary Industries monitors this through:

  • Food control plans – written plans for managing food safety on a day-to-day basis. These are used by higher-risk businesses; and

  • National programmes – a set of food safety rules for medium and low risk businesses. Businesses must register, meet food safety standards, keep records to show that food being sold is safe, and allow a verifier to assess compliance.

If you have a food business, you must adhere to one of these two controls, together with the general principles under the Act. MPI has created a tool to help business owners find out which rules they need to follow.




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