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Franchising & Licensing

Because we assist both sides in franchising and licensing matters we can very quickly establish the issues each party is likely to encounter going forwards. We can help to address any issues at the outset - before they become major problems.
Are you a franchisor or licensor?

We are able to draft balanced agreements that protect your interests but don’t turn good franchisees/licensees away. This means that, when the right people are interested in investing in your business or product, you can get them on board quickly.

If you have a dispute with one of your franchisees or licensees we will identify the outcome you are seeking and recommend the best approach. Our aim is to protect your position and get you your desired result quickly and cost-effectively.

Are you a franchisee or licensee?

We understand that becoming a franchisee or licensee is about entering into a relationship, so we focus on the issues that are likely to cause problems down the track. By identifying the potential deal-breakers we can negotiate on these issues, rather than getting hung up on every little clause in the contract.

If, after talking to you, reading the contract, and entering into negotiations with the franchisor or licensor, we believe that something is still likely to be a major issue for you down the track we'll let you know and, if necessary, advise you to walk away.

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